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2003 Soaring Photo Albums
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Pics sent by my Phoebus's previous owner
Mar 2003 - Here are the pics that Tom (N697Z's previous owner) sent to me before I bought my Phoebus.  He has a heck of a good digital camera!  Nice pics Tom.

Picking up my Phoebus
On Friday April 11th we pulled in to the airport after a 26 hour drive with my dad and Aaron Thomson, another Phoebus owner and friend .  These are pics of pulling out the glider for the first time.

Weight & Balance / Together for 1st Time
May 17, 2003 I finally got to put the wings on and see how pretty the Phoebus really is.  Check out the details in my logbook area.

First Flight in My Phoebus
May 21, 2003 8:45 pm - pics after landing on my first flight in my Phoebus.  It had gotten pretty dark by the time I landed so the pics are not the best.  It was a great first flight!

Morgan Gaggle
June 6, 2003 - Flew with four other gliders over Durst for 2.35 hours.  First time really ever trying to take photos while flying - got 24 decent ones.

Nephi Soaring Safari
June 14, 2003 About 14 gliders trailered down to Nephi, Ut for a 2 day change of scenery.  I only flew Saturday but had a great flight and took 30+ pics.

First flight over Lone Peak & Mt. Timpanogos
June 28, 2003 - This was the first flight out of Cedar Valley in my Phoebus.  I have wanted to cross east over to the Wasatch range for over 10 years!  I got my wish and more.

First Photo Flight With Dale Flying a 1-34
July 12, 2003 - Flew out of Cedar Valley and met up with Dale Taylor behind Lone Peak Flying a 1-34.  First extended flight with another glider.

July 23, 2003 flight out of Cedar Valley
Fun flight around the Wasatch Mountains over Lone Peak and Mount Timpanogus.

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