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Soaring Logbook and Experiences

2008 Soaring and Power Logbook
The 2008 season has begun in Utah after a long wet winter.  I have had some great power flights with friends and family over the last 6 months but can't wait for the next 6 months of soaring.  I'm hoping for some long well-documented flights to maybe earn some badges and possible state records since no one in Utah is doing much to set records.  I like little competition!  :)

2007 Soaring and Power Logbook
I got back into flying powered aircraft last winter and put about 35 hours in over the soaring off-season.  Read about some of these experiences as well as my 2007 soaring logbook and experiences.  I am pretty comfortable now in my ASW20 and hope to have some even longer cross country and fun flights.  Should be a fun year.

2006 Soaring Logbook
The 2006 season has finally arrived!  The ship is ready to go and I am hoping for some good flights this year.  I didn't take much video or photos last year and hope to do more.  If I can pull it off I am hoping for at least 3-4 flights a month.

2005 Soaring Logbook
After a long 6-month break from soaring over the winter months, 2005 soaring season is now here.  This year my goals are to fly at least one 500 km flight and go on a soaring safari to Driggs Idaho to fly the Tetons in my Phoebus.  Even though I love my Phoebus, I am thinking that next year I may sell it to get a faster and higher performance ship.  I can't see myself being happy only flying 300-400 km flights forever.  I will probably get something with flaps and maybe wing extensions past 15 meters and also  where the Vne (maximum flying speed) is higher so I can go much further in the same amount of time.  Last year's soaring season really taught me how fun it is to try to go long distances every flight and here in Utah the summer conditions offer that opportunity weekly.

2004 Soaring Logbook
The 2004 soaring season has ended.  I had a great cross-country year totaling 20 flights and 48.1 total hours.  This year I finally stretched my legs and flew much further than I ever dared before.  My cross country flights were:Cedar Valley to Mount Nebo & return: 85 mi/137 km, CV to Manti & return: 147 mi/237 km, CV to Stateline Res. Wyoming & return: 194 mi./312 km, CV to Richfield to Nephi: 184 mi/296 km, CV to Delta to Manti to Mount Timp & return: 214 mi/343 km, CV to Mount Nebo & return: 85 mi/137 km, CV to Mount Nebo & return: 85 mi/137 km, CV to Richfield & return: 226 mi/364 km, CV to southend Utah Lake to Mt Timp to I-80 Parley's Canyon & return: 110 mi/177 km.

2003 Soaring Logbook
My glider is now safely in its trailer to wait out the winter months.  I ended up with 29.3 fabulous hours in gliders this year, several 10 year old goals which were finally achieved, some great photos taken and quite a few new friends made.  What a great soaring year it has been!

Learning to Fly
Covers the first 65 hours of my pilot training and beginning soaring experiences during the Summer and Fall of 1994 to 1999.

2009 Soaring and Power Logbook
Now enjoying the 2009 season!

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