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Phoebus Links
In searching through the web for other sites dedicated to Phoebus sailplanes I quickly found that you need to know German or you are not going to appreciate many.

Rudolf Linder - Sailplane and fiberglass repair
Based in Walpertshofen, Germany, I have been told that this company can get/make almost any part for your Phoebus.  They say they have winglets for the Phoebus as well!  I'll let you know what I find out about them.

Really cool German Phoebus site
You will want to brush up on your German before you go to this site.  It has a pretty good registry of all Phoebus models with some great pics.

New Phoebus Gliders Yahoo Group
This is the New Phoebus sailplane newsgroup.  Please register in this group if you have any interest at all about this classic sailplane.

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