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Favorite Soaring Links
If you go searching on the Internet for good soaring sites you will find a bunch. Below are a few that have impressed me.

Sailplane Directory Search Page
This site has been a great "quick reference" guide to me when I want to find something about a glider someone is talking about.

Soar West
Dale Taylor started this site back when the dinosaurs roamed the earth. It has great info and pics galore on both full sized gliders and R/C soaring info.  It also has listed Utah's state soaring records.  Thanks Dale to your contribution to soaring in Utah!

The Glider Forum
This is the best forums (in english) I have found that cover all aspects of soaring and sailplanes with over 1,000 registered members.

ASW 15 Sailplane site
Here is a very complete online ASW-15 soaring community website for owners, users and fans.  A great site!

Northern Utah Region 9 Contest
August 10-15, 2009 will bring the first soaring contest in northern Utah in at least the last several decades.  Located in Logan, Utah this contest should be a fantastic opportunity to fly the amazing Utah/southern Idaho terrain and we expect many first time racing pilots to attend this contest including myself.  Can't wait!

Soaring Society of America's official website
Interested in learing more about gliding and soaring?  This soaring organization's website is a must visit.

Udo's one person wing assembly dolly
This is the dolly I just purchased for helping put my ASW20 wings on without needing the help of another 2 people.  I didn't like feeling rushed when I had people holding the wing.  This very well built device will allow me to take my time and not have to bother other people.  With my bad back now I figured the thousand dollars + I spent on this is well worth it compared to re-injuring myself or damaging my glider.  I highly recommend this investment!

Visual Weight and Balance Calculator
Ok, this is more for power aircraft but you can still easily use this great tool for gliders too.  It is really worth the time to create a free account and try this great weight and balance calculator out!

Northern Rockies Weather Radar
Good quick view of what the weather systems look like across the United States.

Taylor Made retractable home awnings don't have anything to do with soaring but they make the coolest patio or outdoor awning I have ever seen.  More glider ports and airports should get these for the pilot's lounge areas.

Think something is of enough value to take from this site? Please email me to let me know.
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