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First Lone Peak / Mt. Timpanogos Flight
For full details of this flight click here.

Heading to Lewiston Peak

After tow release (7,800 msl) I scratched along trying to work the ridges up unsuccessfully.  I headed back to Cedar Fort where I released and found a nice tight boomer and took it up to 11,500 msl.

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Looking at Flat Top Mountain

Heading to Lone Peak

Fairfield VOR and Utah Lake

My house

Micron Facility

Over Sun Crest Community

Hidden Valley Golf Course

Riding ridge just east of Alpine

Northern Backside of Mt. Timp

Behind Lone Peak

Snow trenches east of Alpine City

Silver Lake up American Fork Canyon

North side of Mt. Timp with American Fork Canyon in front

Almost to Lone Peak!

Looking down Bell Canyon behind Lone Peak

I made it to Lone Peak!

My parents' house below

Departing Lone Peak Shot

Mount Timpanogos

June 28, 2003 Fight Path

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