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Gliding Videos and Soaring Videos

Welcome to Bruno's site about his experiences in his Phoebus, ASW-20B and now ASW-27B sailplanes.

I stopped updating this site many years ago but I have continued to make soaring videos on youtube. Join the 5 million+ people who have watched my gliding videos by going directly to my youtube gliding channel.

Most of these videos were shot in HD quality. To watch videos in best quality, first, start the video. Click on the HD button that appears at the bottom right of the player. Then, click the button to the right of HD and it will open it up on full screen mode.

First soaring video attempt (16.6 MB file). 3 1/2 minute video of first two flights I shot video.
My ASW20BL first video (2.0 MB file). 1 minute video of ASW20BL with 16.69 meter wing tips. in Aug 2005
Formation with ASW-15 part 1 (3.9 MB file). 1 minute video of an August 2004 formation flight with friend.
Formation with ASW-15 part 2 (4.4 MB file). 1 minute video of second part of Aug 2004 formation flight.

Here is a 7 part series (to keep downloads reasonable) of a fun local Utah flight in the early fall of 2004. I really enjoyed watching the ridge soaring and beautiful mountains while I edited this for the web. I hope you enjoy!
  • View Flight Map to see where each part was filmed.
  • A Fun Sept Flight - Part 1
  • - Length 5:59 min, 22.5 MB file
  • A Fun Sept Flight - Part 2
  • - Length 4:42 min, 17.7 MB file
  • A Fun Sept Flight - Part 3
  • - Length 6:28 min, 24.3 MB file
  • A Fun Sept Flight - Part 4
  • - Length 9:56 min, 37.4 MB file
  • A Fun Sept Flight - Part 5
  • - Length 5:59 min, 22.5 MB file
  • A Fun Sept Flight - Part 6
  • - Length 5:58 min, 22.4 MB file
  • A Fun Sept Flight - Part 7
  • - Length 6:00 min, 22.6 MB file

    Family Trip to Yellowstone Park - On June 30, 2007 I took the wife and our 3 kids in a Diamond Star DA40 on our first vacation using a small plane. Both the flights and the park were a fantastic experience for us all.

    Check out my info page on building a glider camera mount and video system. I talk about how I am starting to take videos from different places mounted on the outside of the glider.

    New project taking up a lot of my time: I am still trying to fly and glide quite a bit and often get up at least 3 times a month. I stay busy at work and with the family which takes away some of my gliding time available. I started another project that is also taking up a lot of my time. Taylor Made out of New York offered me an exclusive opportunity to market and sell their retractable awnings for outdoor decks and patios online. Awnings are often used to cover doors and windows but over the last 20 years it has become very popular to install a retractable awning over your back patio area to control the shade but still be able to see the stars at night. The big kid on the block of these kinds of awnings is a company called Sunsetter who you often see on late night tv commercials. Wish me luck...Oh yeah if you want to see the website just go to and please consider it the next time you are thinking about getting any kind of awning.

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